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Pommier – Furgocar automatic separator systems for the combined transport of products under different temperatures. They divide the interior space into two rooms of different temperatures with a partition moving along the entire length of the chamber, but also with the possibility of suspension on the roof.

Our refrigerated bodies’ partitions are considered to be the most modern systems that have:

  • Special mechanisms inside the rails (6 small bearings on each rail and not movement on teflon with grease) that make the displacement of the partition easier than any other similar system. Only Furgocar has such roller bearings which work even after 10 years of continuous use.
  • Shock absorbers (two in the small partitions and four in the larger ones) with selected hardness (from 1.500 to 2.500 N) that make the separation of the partition very easy.

The partitions can be moved effortlessly along the chamber by only one person, varying the two rooms of different temperatures (eg front freezer -18oC & rear maintenance +2oC, or front maintenance +2oC and rear dry load, etc.)

There is also the possibility to anchor the partition on the roof, leaving the whole space for products which need one temperature.