The deep freeze bodies have ‘monobloc’ construction made of ‘sandwich’ panel with polyester and polyurethane. They are equipped with eutectic plates, which are installed at the roof and back of the chamber for better cold distribution. The Inox hinges and shutters, and the galvanized subframe and side steps of the body, improve even more the strength of the structure. Inside there are aluminium partitions for creating corresponding compartments with plastic grids on the floor for protection against loads. Furthermore, it is also possible to install doors at the back side of the body for easier loading/unloading using pallets or rollers.

The side doors have no heaters; instead they are equipped with double gaskets, thus saving electric energy and reducing operating costs.
The overall k-factor is 0.19W/m2K for a panel thickness of 130 mm, and is the best thermal coefficient for refrigerated bodies
All bodies are provided with specification certificates according to the European legislation.