Complete support begins prior to the sale. Our company’s sales department, staffed with University Engineers, shall hear out your needs and shall propose a series of solutions (with drawings, payload, financial data, recordings, etc.), so you can choose the one that helps you transport your products under proper temperatures and, of course, with the best possible cost.

Following the sale, our company stands close to you to undertake all required maintenance and repair works, so you can continue your productive work without any disruptions. ‘Stathis’ has established its reputation through the repair and maintenance sector, and still sets after sales service as point of reference.
Our two state-of-the-art workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki, thousands of spare part codes in stock, and skilled mechanical engineers and technicians, are the result of 60 years of evolution from an initially small repair workshop.

For ‘Stathis’, after sales service is the most essential advantage, which, together with its knowledge, experience and philosophy, firmly places the company at the top, ahead of the competition.