Sortimo is a manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment organisation systems for commercial vehicles. The company has established partnerships with leading automobile manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen etc.
The third generation of Sortimo products is known as the Globelyst range, the most advanced and versatile in-vehicle system on the market. All Globelyst systems are based on patented aluminium profiles, which are exceptionally durable, sturdy and lightweight. Each system is tailored to the needs of the individual tradesman, designed using state-of-the-art software and rendered in 3D graphics. Globelyst integrated solutions offer savings in space and time, while ensuring that work is carried out with more ease and comfort.
Sortimo stocks a wide range of components that can be fitted onto any commercial vehicle. Some of these are:

• Single or double flooring, with ample storage space
• Wide range of drawers and shelves with dividers and storage boxes
• Roof racks
• Restraint mechanisms for toolboxes and toolcases
• Workbenches with or without vices
• Load restraining systems
• Storage spaces for pipes both inside and outside the vehicle
• Toolboxes and toolcases with or without the necessary tool items included
• Restraint systems for oxygen, Freon etc. bottles.

All systems provide optimum passive safety in the event of a car crash. Sortimo carries out numerous crash tests each year and has been certified by TUV for the safety of its products.

With more than 45 years of presence in the truck body industry, Stathis S.A. is the representative for Sortimo on the Greek market and is responsible for the promotion, design and fitting of its systems.

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