The new generation temperature recorders from the German company EUROSCAN are manufactured according to the recent European standards (EN 12830/1999 & EL 37/2005 HACCP). The recorders are highly user friendly, and they have TÜV (Germany) Certification and accomplish the following:

– Recording of temperatures 24 hours/day and data storage for two years at minimum.
– Printing of ‘delivery tickets’ and ‘journey tickets’ in arithmetic or graphical format.
– ‘Alarm’ notification in case of deviation from the desired temperature.
– They can record door openings, operations of the refrigerating machine and of the defrost system, etc.
– They can be combined with:

1. ‘Bluetooth’ system for wireless transmission of temperature data (or other data) when the vehicle returns to its base.
2. GPS-GPRS system for continuous transmission of temperature data and vehicle’s geographical location.
3. Software for arithmetic and graphical data processing and for the development of filters for statistical calculations/deductions.


Skytrack Telematics System

The telematics system we propose offers unique services and innovative solutions. By installing the system, the devices continuously transmit vehicle position data and other measurements, allowing the management of your vehicle in real time from a computer, smartphone and tablet.

Real-time temperature recording is performed, indicators, diagrams and temperature reports are analyzed, an alert is sent when there are changes in temperature or a cabin door is opened, contributing to the absolute control of your vehicle.

We also point out that it is mandatory to record the temperatures during the transport, distribution and storage of food in accordance with the European norm EN 12830/2018.

GPRS service provides everything a modern fleet of vehicles needs such as:

  • Live tracking for each vehicle
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle direction
  • Itinerary information
  • Cost management
  • Automatic reports
  • Custom information
  • Driver profile
  • Eco Driving
  • Customizable alerts
  • Route history

* No software installation required for PC use