The new generation temperature recorders from the German company EUROSCAN are manufactured according to the recent European standards (EN 12830/1999 & EL 37/2005 HACCP) and are user friendly. They have TÜV (Germany) Certification and accomplish the following:

– Recording of temperatures 24 hours/day and data storage for two years at minimum.
– Printing of ‘delivery tickets’ and ‘journey tickets’ in arithmetic or graphical format.
– ‘Alarm’ notification in case of deviation from the desired temperature.
– They can record door openings, operations of the refrigerating machine and of the defrost system, etc.
– They can be combined with:

1. ‘Bluetooth’ system for wireless transmission of temperature data (or other data) when the vehicle returns to its base.
2. GPS-GPRS system for continuous transmission of temperature data and vehicle’s geographical location.
3. Software for arithmetic and graphical data processing and for the development of filters for statistical calculations/deductions.

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