New Refrigerated LEVC

New refrigerated LEVC

Electric vehicles are the future. Stathis company always innovative, and having the necessary know-how, is the first one having solutions for the transport of refrigerated goods in electric vehicles, thus turning the future into the present.

In collaboration with Spanos S.A. our company has been the first to proceed with the insulation construction and installation of refrigeration unit in LEVC’s car.

Advantages of a “Stathis” insulation:

  • Lower weight of the insulation
    The weight of the insulation is 30% lower than the average thanks to the special materials, of greater resistance. The result is that the vehicle’s payload is not particularly reduced, which is very important because of the battery’s high weight.
  • Refrigeration unit with low consumption
    The new generation refrigeration units of Carrier and Thermoking have a smaller power consumption, positively affecting the car’s range.

“Stathis” is working hard to be up to date with the needs of the new era. With the goal of always being one step ahead we continue to innovate with new solutions, having always as main priority the needs of our customers.

That’s why we are always at the top of your preferences.

New refrigerated LEVC

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